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Compass Coaching Rike Pätzold


Set your course with Compass Coaching

In sailing as in leadership and life: if you don’t know your coordinates you don’t know where you are and you don’t know where you are going. The course isn’t clear: All seems fine – job, family, kids – but somehow you feel stuck, you are not making any progress. But what kind of progress should that be? What is important, what do you really want? And how do you get there? Do these questions sound familiar? Then Compass Coaching is for you.

What is below surface is the only thing that counts

A big sail area and a beautiful teak deck don’t make a good boat: If hull and keel aren’t in good shape your boat won’t sail properly – at best. At worst it sinks. That’s the reason why a boat is only going to be worth as much as the state of its hull. Again, your analogy to living and leading: Without stability no convincing demeanor and no strong decisions.

Work with me:

In Compass Coaching we’ll have a look at…

  • where you are (define your coordinates)
  • how you are doing (survey your hull and keel)
  • what really matters to you (find your North)
  • where you want to go (determine your goals)
  • how you get there (set course)
  • your potential (Surprise yourself with how much there already is!)
  • how to lead your team more effectively and efficiently (a.k.a. your crew!)

The result:

  • Your career is picking up pace because you know exactly what your goals are and how to get there
  • You are immune to stress and burnout because you don’t spread yourself too thinly anymore
  • Your relationships are good because you have learned to sort them out
  • Your team is really YOUR team because you communicate clearly and have a strong leadership presence
  • You are developing your own unique leadership personality
  • You are living exactly the life that you want to live

Sounds good? Contact me and we’ll find out what’s possible. :

How does Compass Coaching work?

After a non-committal prelimary chat where we both clarify if I’m the right coach for you, I’ll put together your personal coaching package – tailored to your situation and your needs.

Compass Coaching Programs

  • my undivided attention in 1:1 Skype Coaching Sessions – (at least 5) including the coaching protocols
  • weekly personal impulse emails with instructions and impulse questions
  • various materials by mail
  • 20% Discount on all of my Workshops and Masterclasses

Transformation guaranteed.

Compass Coaching Programs

You would like to know how I work? Compass Coaching is a strong mix out of

  • body-oriented work – Embodiment (“Only if you know what you are doing you can do what you want” – M. Feldenkrais)
  • Relationship clarification (“Every problem ignites itself on a relationship” – B. Vermeulen)
  • Working with your inner parts (“Only who knows his shadow and his light can find his center” – C. G. Jung)
  • Change of perspective (“Problems can’t be solved on the same level as they were created” – A. Einstein)

You’d like to find out more? Contact me: